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San Isidro the financial heart of Lima, modern and traditional

The district of San Isidro represents the modern face of Lima. It is the business and financial center of the city, but in spite of its constants renovations and changes, the district boats a long history and a cultural wealth that preserve the legacy of our indigenous and colonial past.

In San Isidro, it is possible to take part in many cultural and recreational activities as the district has a large number of establishments: hotels, restaurants, cinemas, shoping centers, pubs, etc. as well as archeological sites and historic buildings, which make it one of the most beutiful, traditional districts in the city of Lima.

Among the principal tourist attractions to be found in San Isidro are the Huaca Huallamarca (restored pre-inca ceremonial site), the ancient olive grove know as the El Olivar, the Virgen del Pîlar Church, the House of the Counts of San Isidro, The Marina Nuñez del Prado Museum, as well as beautiful parks, gardens, restaurants, casinos, discotheques, night spots, hotels, travel agencies, money exchange facilities, gymnasiums, shopping centers, etc.


About of San Isidro

In San Isidro There are 28 ambassador's residences, 50 major banks, six stock brokerages, nine five-star hotels, international airline offices and an impressive array of restaurants and nightclubs & bars.

Avenida Conquistadores is a vital area that delights visitors with its range of restaurants and nightclubs.

San Isidro offers everything from pristine streets and beautiful urban architecture, to a great cultural heritagel. Enjoy visiting and getting to know its charm.