El Olivar Grove Park of San Isidro

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"El Olivar" of San Isidro Grove Park, declared a National Monument since December 16, 1959, El Olivar is undoubtedly, the most representative, emblematic and beautful spot of San Isidro, and why not, one of the prettiest in Lima. A silent, cozy and romantic place, full of life and peace, its nice olives date from the Colonial times, and from wherever you look, they form a straight line.

A curious fact was registered after the departure of the Spaniards with Peru’s independence in 1821, who before leaving, cut down the trees. That is the reason why we see that the oldest trunks were roughly chopped. From these, new branches sprouted out, which are now two centuries old, and although they look disproportionate as compared with the trunk from wich they grow.

The fascination of El Olivar does not derive only from the view of its majestic  trees. We also find the most assorted microsystem of birds of Lima, which nest in the luxuriant treetops. There are pigeons such as the whitetail, Pacific doves, with their particular morning singing, and the yellow peak turtledove. We can also distinguish the bright red breast of the vermillion flycatcher, the intense yellow of the saffron finch, and the sky blue of the blue-gray tanager. Other species that live in El Olivar park are the southern beardless tyrannulet, the rufous collared sparrow, the house sparrow, the sugar bird with its yellow belly and black mask, the house wren, the blue black grassquit, the shiny cowbird, the Amazilia hummingbird, the bay winged hawk, and other lovely birds the amount to approximately 30 species.