Archeological remains: Huaca Huallamarca

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The archeological remains of the district of San Isidro, altrough few people know it, San Isidro was an area inhabited by huacas (tomb and museum), but the only ones which survived were Huacas Santa Cruz and Huallamarca, the latter being the most important one.

It has not been possible to exactly precise the date ot Huallamarca construction, however, it is believed that it could have been in year 100 B.C. It had an incomplete pyramide shape (65 meters wide and 110 meters long), built with small adobe bricks in the shape of corn grains. Through time, it has been modified and remodeled six times, reaching up to the altitude it now has: 17 meters. Later on, the temple was abandoned and reused as a cementery because of its sacred nature (from 600 to 1000 A.D.)

Haullamarca has a Site Museum, which shelters a long-haired mummy, who is believed to have been a knitter and local princess. It also has several ceramics and knitted fabrics, among other objects found in the place.