Shopping in San Isidro, Lima - Peru

Shopping guide

If you share the idea that a trip is not complete if you don’t go out shopping, you won’t be deprived of this pleasure in San Isidro. Go out and make your way around its commercial centers and principal stores, where you will part of our culture and customs.

Miguel Dasso is a very pleasant street where you will find exclusive boutiques, bookstores, coffe shops, bank agencies, photography studios, etc. You will also find great commercial activity in Pardo y Aliaga, Camino Real, and Emilio Cavenecia avenues.

Along Los Conquistadores Avenue, another commercial area, there are excellent restaurants, coffee shops, candy stores, boutiques, beauty parlors, etc. parallel to this, in Los Libertadores Avenue, you will find other establishments that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

In Las Begonias Avenue and the neighboring streets, such as Rivera Navarrete, República de Panamá, and Canaval y Moreyra, you will find malls and branch offices of the principal entrepreneurial entities of the country.