Entertainment and fun in San Isidro, Lima of Night

Fun Guide

San Isidro is a city that has much to offer in the way of entertainment, as it a confluence of the latest rends and the most traditional aspects of local culture. Walking around it, one can always find somewhere that is open late and has an attractive rustic air, or alternative is loud and eclectic.

After an enjoyable night, a visitor's first point of reference is the so-called Pizza Street in San Isidro, a meeting place for the young and not-so-young. Here, hidden among the trattorias, the small bars and discos provide a surprising variety of styles. Larcomar, a mall with discos, bars and cinemas, is equally popular. It also offers a spectacular view over the Pacific Ocean.

For visitors who like live music, San Isidro has a large number of places where you can appreciate just about all musical styles. And for those seeking other options, San Isidro rock, punk, and jazz concerts will not disappoint them.

The city is also a small paradise for gamming enthusiasts, who will find a growing number of casinos and slot arcades in which to chance their luck. Good luck however, is not essential to having a good time in San Isidro.

Peru is a country that is rich in dances, music and tradition. Peñas are folkloric clubs where you can enjoy the rhythm of Creole and traditional music as well as good drinks and delicious snacks. The shows tend to begin between 9 and 10 at night and combine a wide variety of songs and typical dances from every region of Peru. Tourists are frequently invited to join in games and typical dances, leading to many comic situations.

The majority offer delicious food typical of the Peruvian coast. We recommended you check what time the club opens if you are interested in dinner before the show.
Some charge between a S/.20 or S/.30 cover charge, but others have no charge. We also recommended you check how far you want to be from the show and the music. There is no particular district where you can find, but the main ones are in Miraflores and they are simple and economic to find. When you leave you will find many taxis willing to take you to your hotel.

Please note that some peñas do not offer shows every night. We recommended that you call first. All credit cards are accepted.